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Learning Chinese

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Learning Chinese



China Panorama Phonetic Introduction (1 book, 2 VCDs )

high level

Price: US$ 56.91

A practical course on contemporary Chinese phonetics

Chief Compiler: Wu Shuping
Stage Director: Han Zelin


This 15-episode program is specially designed by Mr. Wu Shuping from Beijing Language and Culture University for beginner-level foreign learners of Chinese. It systematically introduces the pinyin system, including initials (shengmu), finals (yunmu), tones and spelling rules.

The course includes animations designed to illustrate the mechanics of articulation for initials and finals. The pronunciation demo offered by the teacher and the accompanying animation enable learners to better acquire standard pronunciation.

Pronunciation points are incorporated into interesting situational dialogues.

Difficult points in Chinese phonetics are evenly distributed throughout the program. A large number of read-along exercises are designed for key points. In addition, similar, commonly-mistaken sounds are paired and drilled extensively to make learning more efficient.

The practical orientation of the program is reflected in its stress on imitation. Explanations are kept to a minimum; the focus is on drilling difficult syllables and tones to help learners master natural and standard Chinese pronunciation.

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