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Learning Chinese

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Learning Chinese



China Panorama — Let's Enjoy Chinese (3 VCDs)

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Price: US$ 36.91

Chief Compliler: Zhao Mingde
Complilers:Guan Xinqiu, Che Rushun, Tian Yan& Dong Yan
Stage Directors: Fu Ming & Wang Xiangwen


This 15-episode program was co-designed by Mr. Zhao Mingde of Central University for Nationalities and professional TCFL teachers. As a program specially designed for foreign learners, it introduces the structural principles of Chinese characters, offers instruction on the recognition and writing of Chinese characters, and explains the 29 stroke types as well as some 90 characters that contain such strokes.

The “Read and Learn” segment explains characters' features, names and strokes. By learning 6 to 7 sample characters, learners will get to know how and when these strokes are used in Chinese characters.

The “Progress through Practice” segment offers a detailed explanation, by means of animation, on the rules of writing Chinese characters and the structure of Chinese characters so that learners will have an overall understanding of specific characters.

The “About Characters” segment in each episode tells the stories behind Chinese characters, such as their origins and evolutions, their stroke orders, structures, deviated strokes, and simplified and traditional forms.

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