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Essentials of HSK - Listening (1 book & 5CDs)

high level

Price: US$ 48.91


Essentials of HSK is a series of exercise books prepared for those who are going to take the elementary and intermediate HSK test (from Band 3 to 8). It is also one of the most intensive exercise books covering most of the language points with detailed explanations. The exercise books comprise of four volumes: listening, grammar, reading, and comprehensive exercises. Each comprises of eight sets of special intensive training testing exercises and two sets of simulated tests with detailed explanations.

This set of 5 audio CDs is the companion for the Workbook, Essentials of HSK - Listening . This incredibly thorough series is specially compiled for foreigners, overseas Chinese, and other Chinese language learners who plan to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). Content includes listening comprehension, grammar structures, reading comprehension, review exercises, simulated tests and answers. Published by the authority of HSK: Beijing Language and Culture University.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 216 Pages, 7.25"x 10.25"

Essentials of HSK - Comprehensive Exercises

HSK Simulated Tests - Advanced (1 book & 4 audio cassettes )

Essentials of HSK - Reading

Essentials of HSK - Grammar

HSK Simulated Tests - Advance Level

HSK Proficiency Test Simulated Tests Basic (1 book & 3 Audio Cassettes )

HSK Proficiency Test Simulated Tests Intermediate (1 book & 3 Audio Cassettes )

Guide to Chinese Proficieny Test HSK (1 book & 9 Audio Cassettes )

HSK Cihui Tupo/HSK Vocabulary, Level 1

HSK Cihui Tupo/HSK Vocabulary, Level 2

HSK Cihui Tupo/HSK Vocabulary, Level 3

HSK Cihui Tupo/HSK Vocabulary, Level 4



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