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Sights of china English travel book for china sight

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The sights of china English travel book for china sight


Price: US$ 59.00

By Professor Zhu Qixin

Book Description

China general situation


China history





special regionalism

population, economics,nation,language,religion,landform,river,lake,climate,traffic,airline,

currency, dish, Beijing opera,

anhui province, hefui province, baogong ancestral temple, huang mountain, jiuhua mountain, wuhu long river bridge, Beijing , chongqing , fujian , gansu , shanghai, other

Author Description

Professor Zhu Qixin is recognized by many as a celebrated English Writer on travel and tourism and China's leading expert on it and has devoted considerable study to the arts and culrural heritage of the native china.Born on June 7,1938 in Liyyang,Jiangsu Province,and graduated in 1965 from the English Language and Literature Specialty of the foreign Languages and Literature Department of Nanjing University,one of the most prestigious of higher learning in China.Professor Zhu,an indefatigable writer ,is the author of a dozen books on travel and tourism in English ,including places of Interest in Beijing Practical Handbook,a Collection of choice Specimens from Chinese Culture,A Primerfor the Beijing Tour Guides' English-Speaking interpreter for China Branch of CITS,vice-section chief of Beijing Branch of China International Travel Service,deputy chief of Tourism division of Beijing Tourism Adninistration,vice-president and president of China Civil International tourist Corporation, part-time professor of Nankai University and member of China National Stadardization Technical committee on tourism appointed by China National Technical Xupervision Administration.He was Listed in who's who in chagnzhou area,Jiangsu Province in 1998.In 1999 he won the bid and was authorized by the World Tourism Organization through the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP)based in Programme (Brochure"the Tumen Rive Area--New Horizons in Travel")into Chinese .Professor Zhu was invited by Dell International English to give lectures on Tourism English in 2003.Also Invited by Beijing Tourism Administration,Professor Zhu was one of the Leading Experts from home and abroad on the seclection panel for "Greeting Lympics and Unfolding Elegant Demeanour" Second Beijing Tour Guides TV Competition in 2004 and set English questions.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 708 pages
  • Publisher: china travel and tourism press
  • Language: English
  • words: 600000



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