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Guide to GuiLin

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Guide to GuiLin

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By Professor Han RongLiang

It is said that "up above in heaven there's paradise and down on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou." This denotes to that Suzhou and Hangzhou are as beautiful as the paradise in the heaven. But to me, I'm of the openion that the landscape in Guilin is even more beautiful than the former. The river water is limpid as a blue silk ribbon while the pinnacle hills are none other than the jasper hairpins. Who would say that a beautiful landscape as such couldn't be a match for the paradise in the heaven? Among myriads of worldly beings those who live on this piece of land should feel greatly glorified and proud of it. Though I'm not lucky enough to be one of those to live here in the wonderland yet I have got ample opportunities to visit it for I have been working in China international Travel service Head Office -- the largest and the most powerful travel agency in China for almost 30 year and so it has left on me an indelible impression.

To make this worldly beauty known to all over the world, I have nursed an idea as early as some 20 years ago of putting it down in writing, and eventually with the great support of China Travel & Tourism Press a booklet entitled "Guilin" was brought out in the form of China city guide series. Though 20 years have swiftly gone by Guilin remains charming as a celestial beauty as every before yet added to it with many such attractions as historical and cultural sites, fairy caves and long rias in the vicinity areas... With bosom wide open they are now welcoming you to go for a visit. In order not to let down their hospitable sincerity I now take up my pen again to put them down in a succinct, vivid and lively style, which is entitled "Serial Guidbook to Tourist Attractions in China" (Guilin & other areas) in dual version of Chinese and English. And I believe that this book will be the one that integrates plenty of knowledge and things interesting into one whole, and a book that is quite readable and things interesting into one whole, and a book that is quite readable for visitors at home and abroad coming to Guilin for visit. Meanwhile, this book will do some good to those colleagues of mine now engaged in tourism or serve as reference to interpreters and tour guides working in the forefront of China's tourism industry.


Product Details

  • Hardcover: 214 pages
  • Publisher: china travel and tourism press
  • Language: English
  • words: 180000



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