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Guide to ShangHai

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Guide to ShangHai


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Shanghai, except the economic palpation in its chest, is also a big city of rich tourism resources and culture. It has been recommended by the world Tourism organization as one of the four major tourist cities (the other three being Beijing, Xi'an and Guilin) in china. Along the bund there is ithe Huangpu Park, an array of international buildings and the Pear of Orient TV Tower opposite the Huanpu River. The ancient buildings are represented by the Yuyuan Garden, Town God Temple, Jade Buddha Temple and the Old Longhua Monastery. While Shanghai sees many revolutionary historical sites and museums it is by no means short of famous personages and their former residences, such as the former residences of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, of Soong Ching Ling and of Lu Xun and some others. Moreover, Shanghai is a city brisk with modern atmosphere and especially aftfer the implementation of the policy of reform and opening up, many highrises have been cropping up one after the other like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The huge bridges of Nanpu, Yangpu and Xupu look just like colorful rainbows striding over the Huangpu River, plus the Pudong international financial area and the international airport. All of them are new and built in recent decade of years. In addition, there is still the magnetic levitation line and the Formula 1 racing course, both being the first of the kind in China. To put all this in a nutshell, Shanghai is an economic metropolis in the orient that integrates things ancient and modern, Chinese and oreign into one whole, a magnet of unmatchable charm that attracts visitors to come from all around the world.

To offer convenience for visitors to sightsee in Shanghai the author has compiled the book dealing with many such aspects of Shanghai including geography, history and transportatin and culure and so on, which has integrated knowledge and thins interesting into one, to be brought out in the form of questionis and answers in Chinese and English and in a detailed and vivid way. And we believe that the publication of the book will be good for vistors domestic and foreign to get to know and understand Shanghai both about its past and present, and in the meanwhile it can also serve as an excellent reference to those colleagues of ours working in the forefront of tourism industry as welll.

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  • Hardcover: 255 pages
  • Publisher: china travel and tourism press
  • Language: English
  • words: 220000



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